ISIPS Commemorates National Nurses Week, Celebrates Nurses’ Essential Role, and Advocates for Enhanced Safety Measures


ISIPS Commemorates National Nurses Week, Celebrates Nurses’ Essential Role, and Advocates for Enhanced Safety Measures

May 6, 2024 – May 9, 2024 ( – The International Sharps Injury Prevention Society (ISIPS) proudly joins the nation in commemorating National Nurses Week, celebrated annually from May 6th to May 12th. This special week honors nurses’ unwavering dedication, compassion, and impact nationwide. ISIPS recognizes the invaluable contributions of nurses to patient care and the healthcare system, reaffirming its commitment to improving workplace safety for all healthcare professionals.

National Nurses Week: A Rich History and a Time for Action

National Nurses Week dates back to 1953 when the concept of a “Nurse Day” was first proposed. Today, it’s an opportunity to recognize the outstanding work of nurses and advocate for the support they deserve. Nurses are at the forefront of patient care, often placing themselves at risk to ensure their patients’ health and safety.

During this National Nurses Week, ISIPS calls for enhanced safety measures to protect nurses from sharps injuries and other workplace hazards. Sharps injuries, such as needlestick injuries, pose significant risks to healthcare workers, including nurses, leading to serious infections and long-term health consequences.

Protecting Nurses: ISIPS’ Call to Action

ISIPS urges healthcare facilities to prioritize implementing safety protocols, such as:

1. Adopting Safer Needle Devices: Implementing passive safety-engineered needle devices can significantly reduce the risk of needlestick injuries by offering automatic protection while minimizing user activation requirements. Active safety-engineered needle devices also provide enhanced protection compared to conventional needles without safety mechanisms.

2. Comprehensive Training Programs: Providing nurses with regular, comprehensive training on safe needle practices and device usage is crucial for injury prevention.

3. Developing Strong Policies: Healthcare facilities should establish and enforce clear policies prioritizing safety, including protocols for reporting and responding to needlestick injuries.

4. Advocating for Stronger Regulations: Policymakers must strengthen needlestick safety regulations and ensure proper enforcement to protect healthcare workers.

5. Investing in Research and Innovation: Medical device manufacturers should prioritize innovation in safer needle technologies and collaborate with healthcare professionals to design user-friendly solutions.

“Nurses are the backbone of healthcare,” said Ron Stoker, Executive Director of ISIPS. “Their dedication and compassion are unmatched, and we must provide them with a safe working environment. As we honor their contributions this week, we also call for immediate action to improve their safety, particularly in reducing needlestick injuries.”

Risks of Needlestick Injuries:

Needlestick and other sharps injuries pose a significant threat to healthcare workers, with nurses being among the most at risk. These injuries can lead to severe infections, including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV. Despite known risks, thousands of nurses continue to suffer needlestick injuries annually.

Join ISIPS in Honoring Nurses and Supporting Safety Measures

ISIPS remains dedicated to its mission of promoting sharps injury prevention and providing educational resources to healthcare professionals. Join us this National Nurses Week in honoring nurses and committing to improved safety measures for all healthcare workers.

“We are grateful for the dedication and resilience of nurses, especially during these challenging times,” added Ron Stoker. “Together, we can reduce the incidence of needlestick injuries and create a safer environment for these essential healthcare heroes.”

About ISIPS:

The International Sharps Injury Prevention Society (ISIPS) is a leading organization dedicated to reducing needlestick and sharps-related injuries. Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, ISIPS raises awareness about the dangers of sharps injuries and promotes adopting safer medical devices and technologies. For more information, visit

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